Show me state

We just had really old and dear friends visit us in L.A. We met about 18 years ago when we all lived in NYC. Back then the four of us were young and unmarried. Today we’re married, have kids and I think we look pretty good for our age. Our friends have been living in Columbia, Missouri for several years.

The new Missourians came baring wonderful chocolates from The Candy Factory in Columbia, MO. They brought the shop’s signature katys (which are like turtles) as well as some adorable chocolates in the shape of Missouri. Too bad they got gobbled up before I could take a photo.

In honor of our Missourians, here are some fun things available from the Show Me state. You don’t even have to get in the car.

Missouri State Pillow by lovecalifornia etsy shop:

Missouri Pillow by lovecalifornia

Missouri Pillow by lovecalifornia

i heart Missouri necklace by Missouri transplant truche

i heart Missouri necklace by truche

i heart Missouri necklace by truche

1canoe2 Columbia, Missouri etsy shop’s Missouri Print (unfortunately sold out)

Show Me State

Show Me State by 1canoe2

Tonight I also read about a Missouri Chocolate maker named Patric Chocolates. David Leibovitz describes Patric Chocolates, which is based in Columbia Missouri.

Patric Chocolate

Thank you friends. Sad to see you go. Hope to see you soon.



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5 responses to “Show me state

  1. KB

    I too cannot say enough nice things about Columbia’s chocolate makers! We may have a somewhat sad restaurant scene, but we are no slouches in the candy department. And you found 1canoe2–equally excellent. For my last birthday S got me a set of prints from Poppy (a shop you would love). But your post reminds me that I still need a 2011 calendar….
    miss you! -kb

    • Hi KB – This makes me want to visit Columbia even more. Getting a mention by David Lebovitz is a big deal. Pretty cool. Love 1canoe2’s work. I’ll check out Poppy…assuming they are either an online shop or have an etsy front? Hoping, hoping….

      • KB

        the online Poppy store is nowhere near as fun (and it seems quite a bit fussier than it is in person). you’ll just have to come visit!

  2. Sam

    “Really old”?

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