2011, are you on the calendar?

Today is Tuesday January 4, 2011. How did that happen? Are you the type of person who bought your 2011 calendars before Thanksgiving?

Nantucket Mermaids Calendar, available on etsy by the nantucketmermaid shop

When I was a kid one of my mother’s friends always gave me the same Christmas gift – a calendar for the coming year. I’m sure I was polite upon receiving it but inside I was totally flatlining. A kid needs a calendar like a fish needs a bicycle. What kid wants something practical? What kid has any real concept of measuring and managing their time? That’s the whole point of being a kid…don’t you miss those blissful days? I certainly do.

If you have to grow up and keep track of your time, then you might as well have a calendar or two that make you smile. One of my favorite gifts this year was a sweet little calendar my sister bought for me on Etsy by the nantucketmermaid shop. It’s hanging in my kitchen. It makes me happy and reminds me of my sister and many happy days we’ve spent on the island of Nantucket.

April Nantucket Mermaid

If you’re still looking for a 2011 calendar here are some ideas.

Cicada’s Tea Towel Calendar, from Cicada etsy shop:

2011 Tea Towel Calendar

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, from brookewooley on etsy.

Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit, available from brookewooley on etsy

Sick of seeing your realtors’ faces on your frig but still want a magnet calendar? How about a mustache on a bike? From zeppiprints on etsy.

Mustache on a bike, 2011

Mustache on a bike, 2011

Or perhaps you want the illustrator and internet darling Camilla Engman’s 2011 calendar.

Camilla Engman 2011 Calendar

Camilla Engman 2011 Calendar

Spoonflower has a ton of 2011 tea towel calendars such as the Japanese one below.

Kokeshi Calendar

Do you have any favorite calendars to share? I’m still looking to buy one or two more.



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2 responses to “2011, are you on the calendar?

  1. Nila

    Love this post, I’m about to go buy a calendar this year myself (so not on top of it I know). The tea towel calendar is so cute!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post, Nila. I love the tea towel calendar too.

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