My 9 year old daughter (who by the way wants to be called by “Buttons” on this blog) wants to learn how to sew. She asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. Short on space and always looking to save a buck I suggested she start with a lesson, which I’ve arranged for her to take at Sew L.A. We’ll do that lesson but in the meantime I can’t stop thinking about needlepoint samplers. Growing up my Mom had a couple samplers in our house and as kids my sister and I learned how to embroider and do needlepoint before learning how to sew on a machine. In fact my sister and I made countless embroidered hand towels. I plan to do some embroidering with “Buttons” this year…but before I pick a project here are some samplers past and present to inspire.

1760 Sampler by Elizabeth Laidman

Per Wikipedia “The stitching of samplers was believed to be a sign of virtue, achievement and industry, and girls were taught the art from a young age.” I better get my daughter (aka
Buttons) stitching samplers before she makes the full transition from tweener to teenager.

Button’s goal for 2011 is to get a dog. Perhaps she’ll go for a doggy sampler instead? Think it will work? These are pretty cute.


Check out the hot dog/weiner dog in the bottom corner

Who needs an actual dog when you have an embroidery girl with a rainbow purse walking in the rain with said dog? Right?

Girl in Rain with Dog

Even better…imagine my delight…when you type in dog and emboidery google still manages to surprise.

Dawg I heard you like Samplers

There really is so much you can do with embroidery as your “canvas”….I love real estate. With a sampler I can own a whole street. I can be Ivanka Trump in a thimble.

Row of townhouses

And for those who want to be even more sophisticated with their stitchery. Don’t miss Lisa Borgnes Giramonti’ fantastic and whimsical take on samplers. Here are a few that were shown at her show called “Stitching up the Noughties” at ACME. Lisa Borgnes Giramonti also writes the blog A Bloomsbury Life.

"On Aging"

For the bicoastal gal…

"On East vs. West"

And anyone online knows a thing or two about sleep disorders…


"On Dark and Stormy Nights"

Reality generation meets the 1760 set…

"On Role Models"

So you see sky is the limit…I’ll have to do some more searching and plotting before figuring out our next move.


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