What if the world went suddenly Peanuts

Our kids got a Peanuts anthology for Christmas. I don’t who was more excited – the kids or my 44 year old husband.

Peanuts, 1961-1962

Which Peanuts character are you? It’s pretty easy to spot the Schroeders, Charlies, Sallys, Lucys and Linuses. But who among you is a Marcie or a Peppermint Patty?

If the world were to suddenly turn Peanuts I would wake up as Lucy Van Pelt. You may call her bossy. I prefer the term spirited.

And here I am imagining what I might find if L.A. turned Peanuts overnight…

My mother-in-law knitting my son this sweater:

Charlie Brown sweater by Joven

Charlie Brown sweater by Joven

My daughter triumphant about finally having a dog – and get this – one so cool he can beat me at arm wrestling. Does life get any sweeter?

My husband with cheaper office rent and some help running the practice.

Lucy's psychiatric help

Lucy's psychiatric help

Oh, and on the weekends soccer would be replaced by baseball. Everytime I missed the ball I would get to say “The moons of Saturn got in my eyes,”

“Happiness is anyone and anything that’s loved by you.” – Charlie Brown

If your world turned Charlie Brown, what would you do and how would it look?

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown



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Winter Stripes

My friend KB is a sucker for the stripe. She can rock a French sailor boatneck.  Seeing KB and Buttons wear stripes last week reminded me of what a happy simple thing a repeated line can be. Stripes ahoy.

The ones who wore it first….Miss Coco Chanel, perhaps?

striped boatneck from movie Chanel

Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel

Audrey Hepburn?

Audrey Hepburn in stripes

Audrey Hepburn, all eyebrows and stripes

Or was it this randy genius?

Pablo Picasso in stripes

Pablo Picasso in stripes

Well, lucky for us you don’t have to be Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn or Pablo Picasso to pull this off. Here are some everyday stripes for everyone.

Grown up Girl Stripes

The Stripe by Emersonmade – 100% organic, $78.00

Emersonmade stripes

Emersonmade stripes

Stripy Scarf by Boden, looks groovy with this metallic jacket – scarf $48.00

Stripey Scarf by Boden

Stripy Scarf by Boden

Venice by Day Top by Modcloth – currently out of stock, for $27.99

Venice by Day

Venice by Day by Modcloth

Big Guy Stripes

Hmmmm….He was only 5 foot 4 but no one ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole.

Unless you’re Pablo we don’t advise the menfolk wear french sailor stripes.

Little Girl Stripes

Petit Bateau for your petite? On sale now – $42-$45

Petit Bateau Raspberry stripes

Stripy boatneck by Miniboden – $18.00

Stripy boatneck by Miniboden

Stripy boatneck by Miniboden

Uber chic Stella Industries’ Jazz dress/shirt – on sale now for $34.10

Stella Industries Jazz
Or Stella Industries’ Tina shirt in Pink and Blue Stripes
Stella Industries - Tina - Pink and Blue Stripe Shirt

Stella Industries - Tina - Pink and Blue Stripe Shirt

Boys in Stripes
Monster behind bars? Miniboden has the right idea – $30.00
Monster Appliqué T-shirt

Monster Appliqué T-shirt

Toweling hoody by Miniboden – $38.00
Toweling Hoody by Miniboden

Toweling Hoody by Miniboden

Pets in Stripes
Why should your pets be left out? Peppermint doggy sweater for the pooch with style.
Peppermint sweater

Peppermint sweater

Going for a more classic look? Emilio Poochi delivers with this navy and white sweater.

Emilio Poochi White and Navy Sweater

Emilio Poochi White and Navy Sweater

Stripes can hypnotize you


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